Hi, I'm Kevin.

I make things.

I love ideas, traveling, technology, wisdom, inventing, understanding systems, ultimate frisbee, leadership, wine, philosophy, humor, differences, relationships, data, & designing.

Get To Know Me

Who Is Kevin?


An Ohio boy with big dreams, I have traveled the world and have never stopped asking questions about it. I am always trying to understand people, systems, and their purpose. The more I know, the better I can contribute to this world and understand who I am and why I am here. I enjoy creating value and doing it by tapping into the collective intelligence of people, whether it is a team right next to me or across the globe.

I Love People

Leave everyone better off for knowing you.

I Am A Sponge

Never stop soaking up new information.

I like Fixing Things

Whether it’s objects, systems, or people.

I Dream Big

I want to disrupt the world for good.

I Love Creating

There is nothing better than making.

I Am Goofy

Life is too short for anything else.


Some Jobs I’ve Had

I am responsible for creating, implementing, & maintaining the vision and overall direction of all technology at SSC. We build all of our own servers and a majority of our own software including our order entry, manufacturing, warehouse, and other various web & native applications. We also build our own external facing applications such as our e-commerce website, Solutions Engineering iPhone & Android apps, a garage door e-learning platform, and many other aspects. I also oversee and create systems (and sometimes specific applications) to maintain facility up times for both mission critical hardware and software, improve our organization, and provide practical application of emerging technologies. I also help direct the immediate course of Service Spring and it’s future.

 Service Spring Corporation

I was responsible for investigating opportunities for improvement, researching the best course of action, and building a scope, team, budget, & timeframe to implement various projects. Examples of items I either personally made or facilitated; a corporate internal social network, project management systems, corporate intranet, starting the move of a manufacturing facility & corporate headquarters, several R&D projects, reporting systems, and more.

 Service Spring Corporation

I was responsible for designing & opening a manufacturing and distribution facility in California. A team of us designed & built all new manufacturing systems, everything from the processes to methods of production (including inventing new equipment). I was responsible for working with local and state governments, contractors, machine shops, coordinating several internal teams, building & installing equipment, all facility utilities & security, hiring/firing, training, and managing the temporary & permanent teams that built and ran Service Spring West until eventually transitioning everything to the long-term team.

 Service Spring West

I was responsible for the engineering group at Service Spring. Our manager left and I was asked to step up and lead the area & its employees in it’s R&D efforts, & preparation for opening our new facility in California.

 Service Spring Corporation

I was responsible for R&D on specific projects given to me by the engineering manager. I helped create several designs for new manufacturing equipment and processes then helped build & work with machine shops to create them. I also programed PLCs, servos, & designed and build electrical, safety & various sensor systems.

 Service Spring Corporation

I helped implement several Lean projects including Kiazens, various aspects of 5-S, standards, time studies, aspects of six sigma tools, our corporate suggestion program, and various other tasks as people needed them.

 Service Spring Corporation

I worked in Service Spring’s manufacturing & distribution facility making, assembling, & shipping garage door springs & other products.

 Service Spring Corporation

Where I Spend My Freetime

Learning / Making Digital Stuff
Traveling / Meeting People
Helping People
Writing Music
Playing Frisbee / Sports

Skills I Have

I have been told I'm good at a few things! Crazy huh? Check out my abilities and if you're interested in seeing what I've done with my skills thus far, keep poking around!

Project Managment

Scope / Budget / Resource Allocation / Contracts / Timeframes / Systems


Photoshop / Illustrator / Logos / Web / Typography / UX

Front End Web

HTML / CSS / Responsive / WordPress / Bootstrap / JS Libraries

Vision Caster

Big Picture / Future Think / Path Building / Excitement Building / Purpose Building


Social Media / Email Marketing / SEO / Web / Video / Webinars

Building Systems

System Mapping / Standards / Prototyping / Improving

Idea Machine

R&D / Continuous Education / Inventing / Brainstorming

Music Composition

Ableton Live / Massive / Singing / Guitar / Keys / Bass / Drums

Data Visualization

Investigation / Design / Interaction / Google Charts / Data Organization / Web / Infographics

Machine Design & Creation

CAD / PLCs / Electrical / Fabrication / Ladder Logic / Servo Control


Presentations / Public Speaking / Conflict Resolution / Reporting / Relationship Building

Building Fantastic Teams

Collaboration / Co-Creation / Servant Leadership




Servo Control


Allen-Bradley PLC Programming


CPR Training

Toledo Hospital

First-AID / AED

Toledo Hosptial

Forklift Trainer


Continued My Business Administration Degree.
Started My Business Administration Degree.

Won A NYC TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon Award

Our Team built a data viz to show the relationships between startups and their investors. We won the CrunchBase award and and free tickets to TechCrunch Disrupt ($3k a ticket!) Technology Stack: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Esri Maps, JQuery, CSS, HTML, and the CrunchBase API.

Check Out The Website


Created Tangent

Tangent is a fun way to explore the web using word associations and different resources on the web. It was fun to build and use! Technology Stack: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, D3, JQuery, CSS, HTML, and 7 different APIs.

Check Out The Website


Built Hashback

Hashtags that give back. A few friends had an idea to build a platform where people can use hashtags to send encouragement to others. I build everything from the ground up! Technologies Used: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML, and Instagram’s API.

Check Out The Website


Started The Nerd Summit

Co-Founded a group in Northwest Ohio that is designed to bring all nerds together to help each other and the community! It started as a couple of nerds getting together and has grown from there.

Check Out The Website


See Talks I Gave

Click Here For The Prezi

Started Visual Construction

I created a unique, scalable business model, branding, logo, website, production system, and everything else in between to create specific digital products and services. I pitched it To Service Spring Corporation and they have brought it into their business model. The entire idea, strategy, and system is something that Service Spring Corp. believes in and has continually built out.

Check Out The Website


Opened Service Spring West

At 22 years old I was responsible for the multi million dollar project of designing, building, opening, and running Service Spring’s California manufacturing & distribution facility. I spent about a year and a half of my life living, breathing, and working on every aspect imaginable of this project until it was completed, under budget and on time with a happy crew. I learned so much about myself and business and that I can function of of barely any sleep!

Yep. It really happened.

Check it out.

Spoke About WordPress

I was asked to explain what the heck WordPress is, why it can be valuable, what else is out there, and to walk through building a WordPress site from scratch. So, I asked my brother, Matt McAlear to help with the talk and together we explained everything we were asked to do in a fun way. We even showed how you could build a fantastic site from “scratch” in less than 10 minutes. Because we are nerds.

UT's Website


Redesigned Solutions iPhone App

I built out a new user interface and user experience, updating the application to an iOS7 look and feel (incorporating flat design when appropriate for example). I worked with our internal iOS developer and provided him with extremely organized and customizable Photoshop files organized into easy-to-use groupings for individual items.

Solutions's App


Started SSC’s Internship Program For Designers & Developers

Worked with Service Spring’s Executive team, various colleges, and current employees that would work with the new interns to build the internship program!

Built Iron & Ember’s Webstore

I built out and designed the initial look, feel, and functionality of I&A’s e-commerce site and CMS. This is a startup that wants to sell “provisions for gentlemen” which I think is a great idea so I did the project for free.

Iron & Ember's Website


Built A Corporate Project Management System

I have been obsessed with project management for years. There never seems be be a great system to manage projects, only a sea of good ones. With that being said, I was given the authority to build out a great system for project management using Trello in various areas of our organization (starting with IT & Marketing) and scaling out further from there. I believe that project management should give you three things at their core, an at-a-glance understanding of what the project is, the resources it requires, and it’s plan on getting it done. There are plenty of other things people need to know but it all comes from those three items. I also believe that it should take only seconds to use for anyone. The system Service Spring has now gives anyone involved those key items.

Check Out Trello


See One Of The Systems

Click here to watch the Prezi.

Rebuilt A Complex E-Commerce Site

Service Spring Corporation has always been the innovator regarding technology in their industry. They built their old e-commerce website from scratch using modern web technology at the time. But, as technology goes, it was time for a complete infrastructure overhaul. So, I led a team to research & develop the best new site with the future in mind and we did just that! It was a great project to apply modern HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, responsive design, CMS, UX, & other best practices to build a quality site that will grow into the future!

Service Spring's Website


Created An Inventory Analysis Tool

We seemed to be having a difficult time at Service Spring understanding inventory so I asked one simple question. Do we have too much inventory? I was able to created a simple, actionable answering tool with the latest techniques in data visualization and internal social networking. Between myself and our companies “data guru”, we sat down with everyone who touches inventory in our organization, understood their role and the information they needed or insight on inventory they had, and rolled all of it up into a single web tool where, within seconds, any of them could play with different scenarios visually, come to their own conclusions about the inventory, and share it with the entire inventory group.

Built A Photographer’s Website

I designed & built Brant’s photography website to give him a place to share who he is, what he can do, and since I built it using WordPress, the ability to update and maintain it himself.

Brandt's Website


Make-A-Wish YPAC Board Member

Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of a children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength & joy. As one of the first YPAC board members upon it’s founding in 2011, I learned an incredible amount about how Make-A-Wish works, how non-profits can powerfully raise money, network, and change lives. I also had the opportunity to be a wish granter where I would meet with a wish child and their family, listen to their wish and work within the organization to make it come true.

Make-A-Wish's Website


Built A Corporate Internal Social Network

I have gotten the opportunity to design & implement an internal social network for Service Spring Corp. to connect all of their departments, locations, and individuals that work within them together in some pretty cool ways. Some employees said that they learned more about the company in 3 months of being on the social network than the last 5 years of working at Service Spring. The California location said that they finally felt like part of the “family” once they got on the system. Since the creation of the social network in 2010, we have been able to track and understand key social information about the company and be intentional about improving our moral and ability to listen to the employees in a new way. We used Socialcast as the backbone of this social network.

Socialcast's Website


Help Build A Digital Education Product

I was tasked with researching and building out an idea to sell a unique digital educational/training product in the garage door industry called Solutions Education. Solutions Education is a series of training videos created by industry experts to educate professional garage door technicians and standardize your training process. It provides a platform for a company to take video-based courses we made, take a tests on them we administer digitally, and get certified on different skill sets. Everyone gets their own profile, and every company can administer their employee’s information. This was a fun product to help create and to watch grow!

Solutions Education's Website


Invented New Equipment & Proecesses

I was on an amazing team (that I even got to lead for a season) that were the “think tank” for our entire organization. We got to do tons of R&D, build prototypes, ask tough and crazy questions and then answer them, improve our process and equipment, and we even got to invent brand new ways to make and do things! I was a part of a team of four people that revolutionized several ways of doing things and birthing new equipment from our brains to the shop floors to do it.

See All Of Our Secrets


Implemented Version Control From SVN to Git & GitHub

There is a saying, “If (insert key person here) were to get hit by a bus, how would everything run?” Heck, there is even something out there called The Bus Factor! Basically it gets at the core of making systems and organizations sustainable. The show must go on, as they say and for coding it isn’t always easy to find the most up to date code, see previous versions, and be able to work on things with a group over years of development and various developers contributions. That is why we implemented Enterprise GitHub along with ever-evolving and improving standards.

GitHubs's Website


Spoke About Emerging Web Technology

I was asked to talk about what types of technology are becoming relevant and useful on the web. So I asked my brother, Matt McAlear, to talk about some of the more technical aspects with me. We spoke to the VCT program at Bowling Green State University and made sure to give them plenty of awesome free resources to help them use what is already available on the web and gave them our vision of what the web may become!

BGSU's Website


Built A Corporate Business Intelligence Dashboard

Always wonder how healthy your company is? A team I lead and I developed a modern approach to automate, display, and explain a company’s Key Performance Indicators to run an organization. We started with a question, “How do you measure success and failure in an area of business and ultimately in an entire organization?”. We answered this by sitting down with each executive of an organization and asking them that question, looked at how data is captured, organized, stored, and maintained to answer that question, and then brainstormed on the best way to take the data and turn it into actionable, understandable information that could become useful in only a few seconds. After building data visualization upon data visualization and tweaking everything to their liking, we have a system that can help the right people make better decisions, ask better questions, and ultimately improve the organization in nearly every aspect.

See More About The Product When It Comes Out


Built An Internal Social Network For K-12 Schools

I was asked to help implement an internal social network so that teachers could share best practices, information about their students, brainstorm new education methods, and more! I gave training to all of the teachers and staff at Kateri Academy and Cardinal Stritch High School and helped them think of ways to take advantage of their new social network.

Kateri Academy's Website


See Part Of My Training

Click here to watch the Prezi.

Built Out Social Media For SSC

I was given the authority to build out our social media efforts, from pretty much scratch. I got to put together a group of employees from the technology group and the marketing group and together we became industry leaders known for our social media efforts. Coordinating all messages on all major social media platforms (including YouTube), we have been able to get our company even more known and connected to our customers, win over new customers, show a lighter, more human side to Service Spring, and intentionally maintain our image in the industry as the technology leader.

Service Spring's Website


Built A Machine Shop’s Website

Developed a spot for IMM to get their name into the market place, accurately representing who that are and what they can do, and created systems to automate a lot of their processes such as quoting new work.

IMM's Website


Created A Musician’s Logo & Website

I created a website, logo, design, and marketing plan for an extremely talented local musician who wants to make it big. With a professional look and feel tailored to his audience, he hopes to make it to the next level. Check him out as he progresses!

See Brian's Website


Started Various Bands & Music Projects

I was in several bands growing up and learned several different instruments and styles of composition. I wrote several different songs and was everything from promoter, apparel creator & designer, web guy, band manager, front man & lead singer, guitarist, keyboardist, and goofball. Styles included relaxing acoustic music, post-hardcore, rock/punk, alternative, and more recently, electronica & dubstep. One band I was in (Blind Ambition) was involved in a lawsuit at my high school and another (Teolyn) got offered a contract, recording deal, and national tour.

Helped Create Mission@Work

Mission At Work is a uniquely Service Spring answer to the problem of connecting people who want to volunteer and the organizations that desperately need these volunteers. We wanted to come up with a way to give back some of the blessings and use as many of our collective resources as possible. Mission@Work has given lots of time, money, resources, and love to several non-profits in the area and has help bond Service Spring Employees together through service.

Mission@Work's Website


Things I’ve Done

These are some of the things I am proud of. I’ve gotten to do some fun stuff and have gotten to create value for companies, organizations, and myself along the way!

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